Buona Tavola

Paso Robles Dinner Menu


Avvoltini di melanzane alla Parmigiana – $20.25

Grilled eggplant rolled with mozzarella and parmesan cheese spiced with oregano and baked in a light tomato basil sauce

Molluschi al tegamino – $25.25

Fresh poached Manila clams and fresh black mussels in a lightly spiced tomato sauce

Bruschetta al pomodoro fresco e basilico – $15.25

Grilled garlic bread with diced fresh roma tomatoes, basil, and extra virgin olive oil; add fresh goat cheese – $7.50

Bruschetta ai funghi trifolati – $19.00

Grilled garlic bread with a mix of sautéed local and imported mushrooms

Carpaccio del Tiziano – $23.00

Thin slices of seared black pepper beef fillet topped with arugula and shaved parmesan cheese in a horseradish dressing

Insalata di gamberi e capesante – $24.50

Warm salad of sautéed sea scallops and grilled shrimp with roasted bell peppers, green onions, organic arugula, capers, and garlic in a lemon mustard dressing

Carciofi ai petali di parmigiano – $22.50

Salad of fresh artichoke hearts and diced roma tomatoes with shaved parmesan cheese in a balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Insalata del Dante – $19.25

Salad of fresh baby spinach, diced organic tomatoes, roasted pine nuts, and red onions in a gorgonzola cheese dressing

Mozzarella con trittico di vegetali – $23.50

Fresh mozzarella served with sliced organic roma tomatoes, fresh basil, roasted bell peppers, and grilled vegetables marinated in aromatic olive oil (Caprese salad is available $18.75)

Insalata di Parma – $23.25

A salad of fresh arugula, red apple, crushed walnut, diced roma tomato tossed with homemade balsamic dressing, petal of parmesan cheese served over imported parma prosciutto

Insalata al cuore di Cesare – $17.25

Fresh hearts of romaine lettuce served with rosemary garlic croutons, and shaved parmesan cheese in a homemade caesar dressing

Lattughette novelle di stagione – $15.25

Organic mixed baby lettuces, roma tomatoes, and shaved fennel with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Insalata tricolore della Buona Tavola – $18.00

Salad of radicchio, arugula, mushrooms, and shaved parmesan cheese with rosemary garlic croutons in a homemade caesar dressing


Minestrone saporito – $13.00

A medley of fresh vegetables and tuscan beans in a savory chicken broth with a touch of basil pesto

Zuppa del giorno – $14.75

Soup of the day (piccola zuppa $8.75)

Primi Piatti

Risotto del cusio – $29.00

Carnaroli rice with imported porcini mushrooms, fresh water shrimp, organic herbs and white wine cooked in a savory chicken broth

Fettuccine al sugo di carni miste – $27.75

Fettuccine pasta with slowly braised chicken, duck, veal, and beef in an herbed meat sauce

Pappardelle alla San Pietro – $31.75

Wide pasta ribbons with sautéed river shrimp, white wine, braised sweet onions and imported prosciutto finished with a light creamy tomato sauce

Orecchiette con rapine e luganega – $24.00

Hat shaped pasta served with rapine broccoli, sun dried tomatoes, homemade Piemontese sytle pork sausage, garlic, and a splash of tomato sauce

Tortiglioni Del Buon Gustaio – $22.25

Wide ridged pasta tubes with braised eggplant, roasted garlic, diced roma tomatoes and a splash of organic tomato sauce topped with ricotta cheese

Penne all’arrabbiata – $20.25

Short tube pasta with garlic and Italian parsley in a spicy tomato sauce

Capellini al filetto di pomodoro e basilico – $20.25

Angel hair pasta with organic tomato fillets, garlic, basil, and a hint of extra virgin olive oil

Tortelloni bufalina – $25.00

Homemade tortelloni stuffed with fresh mozzarella and finished in a light tomato sauce

Tortelloni alla Piemontese – $29.25

Homemade tortelloni stuffed with roasted veal, spinach, and prosciutto in a porcini mushroom tomato sauce

Tortelloni di zucca alla salvia e mascarpone – $27.25

Homemade tortelloni stuffed with pumpkin and ricotta cheese in a sage and mascarpone cheese sauce topped with toasted walnuts

Gnocchi Novaresi al pesto – $21.25

Homemade potato dumplings in a light creamy pesto sauce

Agnolotti di scampi allo zafferano – $30.25

Homemade half moon shaped ravioli stuffed with scampi, imported prosciutto in a light saffron sauce

Linguine ai muscoli di mare e porri – $32.75

Linguine pasta with farm-raised Manila clams, sea scallops, small black mussels, and shrimp in a white wine garlic and leek sauce

Secondi Piatti

Costata di manzo ai sapori delle alpi – $58.25

14-16 oz grilled rib-eye steak marinated with wild herbs and garlic in a gorgonzola Barolo wine reduction sauce

Teneroni Portobello – $40.25

Veal scaloppine with braised Portobello mushroom and roasted garlic in a veal reduction and marsala wine sauce

Petti di pollo Asiago – $33.25

Free-range chicken breast and wing stuffed with Asiago cheese and imported Prosciutto di Parma pan-seared and finished in the oven with a white wine reduction

Pollo scamiciato alla Vinaggia – $34.75

Grilled boneless free-range chicken marinated with garlic and herbs served with a rosemary mustard sauce

Timballo Valdostano – $25.25

Grilled fresh eggplant, red and yellow bell peppers, green and yellow zucchini, and sweet onions baked with imported Valle d’ Aosta fontina cheese and a light tomato sauce

Pesci del giorno alla griglia – Market Price

Fresh fish of the day

$30.00 corkage fee per 375/750ML bottle $60.00 corkage fee per magnum
prices and menu items are subject to change
$5.75 for items split
$4.50 cake cutting fee